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Our Full-Stack Marketing
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We’re Gen Z marketing experts, with a focus on High-growth startups, Private Placements, Equity Crowdfunding, IPO, Web 3.0, Syndicated Real Estate Deals, ICOs & STOs. Let us help you take your business to new heights with our strategic solutions.

Institutional Investor Outreach

Drive investment using our proprietary outreach to over 4 Million investors globally.


Maximize your ROAS with the help of our paid media specialists & our proven formula for driving revenue & investment.

Investor lead Generation

Custom built qualified investor lists that are solely owned by your company.

Investor Relations

Build trust and close investment with our global team of Investor Relations, with over 8 years and $100 Million of experience

Influencer Promo

Leverage our network of over 10,000 niche specific influencers to pinpoint target your ideal customer base.

On-Chain Development

Take your token or NFT to the blockchain through end-to-end web3 coding.

Celebrity Promo

Promote products or services through the use of celebrity endorsements.

Community Management

Accelerate your project’s growth while cultivating a loyal audience with community management services.

Content Marketing

Mine the attention of the global marketplace through long & short form media that shares your story.

High Ticket Sales

Sell high-priced products or services through our proven sales techniques executed by our team of experienced closers.

Social Management

Full social suite build and management to connect with your audience on their preferred platforms.

Social Growth

Grow your organic social following in real time leveraging paid social & promo to expand your brand awareness.

Media Creation

Generate stunning visuals and creatives to increase brand awareness and engagement with top.

Mobile App Design

Streamline the user experience with remarkable layouts, navigation, screen transitions and all the small details that create a top ranking digitally application.


Grow your audience through strategic collaborations with our network of influencers while generating new leads and customers.

Alpha & Call Groups

Activate a sense of urgency around your project or coin through financial influencer-based alert communities.

Digital Art

Present stunning artwork for your next NFT or blockchain project while gaining attention of potential traders or buyers.


Increase awareness and attract high-quality leads or clients through our range or press release partnerships.


Make a lasting impression with custom graphics and brand color consultation with our team of creative experts.

Website Development

Produce a personalized online presence while standing out from the crowd through our carefully curated website development and management services.

UX/UI Design

Create a user-friendly yet aesthetically pleasing customer experience with remarkable UX/UI design created by our experienced team of creatives.

Mobile App Development

Unlock the potential of your business with the help of cutting-edge and user-friendly digital applications for customers while providing tangible value.


Increase conversions while attracting quality leads and buyers with strategic copywriting curated from extensive experience across various industries.

High-Ticket Funnels

Effective sales processes for high-priced products or services, using the modern strategic funnels.


Our Figures Speak For Themselves.

In a relatively short amount of time we’ve been able to produce substantial results for our clients who allocate 10-20% of projected revenue on marketing.


In Revenue & Retail Investment Generated


In Budget Managed


Clients Served


Marketing Strategies Tailored For Your Space.

Unlock the hidden potential in your project or business no matter the industry. Our team has worked alongside various businesses and organizations across multiple industries to help them reach their marketing and fundraising goals.


Drive investment for your financial business or company with our combination of strategy, content and analytics.


Get your start-up off the ground with a detailed marketing strategy and the funds you need to get started, to give you a quick win from day one.

WEB 3.0

Build your audience and drive traffic to your project with ourin-house blockchain specialists and proven advertising campaigns.

WEB 3.0

Take your cryptocurrency, ICO or blockchain offer to the public while hyper-accelerating awareness with our cryptocurrency advertising promotions.


Boost subscriptions with our SaaS based marketing strategies created for long-term growthand brand loyalty.


Gain the eyes of head-decision makers and skyrocket your company’s brand awareness inside the business-to-business industry utilizing our strategic marketing plans.


Increase LTV, acquire more customers and reach your revenue goals with our B2C marketing expertise diversified across multipleniches.

Zayn Kalyan, CEO

Infinity Stone Ventures

“Savvy has exceeded all expectations in terms of level of service, professionalism, and ROI. Alex and his team deliver a tailored approach to marketing awareness, leveraging unique channels and a proprietary strategy that set them apart from the competition. Having worked with a number of marketing firms, I would not hesitate to recommend Savvy above others.”

Zayn Kalyan, CEO

Infinity Stone Ventures

Ty Mercier, Community Lead


"Savvy social went above and beyond to make sure our project was set up for the most success. Their team did an amazing job lining up promotions that best suited our needs and were a crucial part of our promotional campaigns from tiktok, twitter, Reddit, and youtube. I would strongly recommend anyone looking for a killer marketing plan and a solid team to use their services."

Ty Mercier, Community Lead

MetaMansions & Keys Token

Dawson Ignatieff, Investor Relations

Black Swan Solutions

“Lead Quality was very impressive, 10X better than any other lead gen list I’ve called in the past. All Real People, all aware of the company and interested investors”

Dawson Ignatieff, Investor Relations

Black Swan Solutions

Krish Jagirdar, Co-founder & CEO

Internet Game

"It’s significantly harder than it looks to launch and mint out an NFT project. There’s so much noise and scammers everywhere. That’s why I’m so happy I had the opportunity to work with Savvy Social. As soon as I spoke with the team I could tell they were honest, trustworthy people, who approached our project as true partners. I highly recommend them to anyone who is considering them. They won’t magically solve all your problems but they’ll come pretty damn close."

Krish Jagirdar, Co-founder & CEO

Internet Game

Buk Hosi, Co-founder


“We partnered with Savvy Social for growth and engagement on our social accounts across Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. The results were amazing, we saw hundreds of thousands of impressions, tremendous follower growth, as well as digital conversations and mentions of our business. We were very lucky to find them and work with them.”

Buk Hosi, Co-founder


Sebastian Rubino, Founder & CEO


Sebastian Rubino, Founder & CEO


Spencer Duke, Co-founder & Content Director

First Phase

"Savvy social was pivotal to our brand awareness over the past few months. They know exactly where your audience's attention lies and how to leverage it for long term growth. They are an excellent partner and I’d happily recommend them for anyone wanting to dominate social media in their field."

Spencer Duke, Co-founder & Content Director

First Phase

Jacob B, Founder & CEO


"As a founder, finding a good marketing team can be a difficult feat. The lads at Savvy Social made the process extremely simple, and the results spoke for themselves"

Jacob B, Founder & CEO



The Management Team Behind Your Sucess.

Millennial & Gen Z Social Engineers

Alex Zastre

Business leadership expert

Louis Garoz

Strategic decision maker

Max Beck

Head of Investor Relations
Communicating in the language of modern investors

Fabian Lim

Head of Asia
Ex venture capital investment analyst and ex JP Morgan

Ubair Javaid

Demystifying Enterprise Applications

Ravi Rabheru

Corporate Strategist
Product Director & Business Development Manager

Aidan Cottrell

Director of Acquisitions
Expert Consultant


Influencer Relations
Influencer Marketing Expert

Kirill Storch

Full Stack Developer

10+ Account Managers, Sales & Jr Social Engineers


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